Ward WillisonWard Willison R Ac, OMP, ApK, is a self-made multi-millionaire and entrepreneur. If you’re wondering about all the letters after his name, they represent some of his many accomplishments. Ward applies passion and discipline in his pursuits whether they are practicing Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture), Kung-Fu (Black Belt) or designing Monster Trucks (Creative Motor Sports) for off-road racing. The strategies in the book were tested in real life taking Ward from the child of a poverty ridden home to a wealthy professional who follows his dreams. Ward’s approach is honest and straightforward both in life and his approach to helping people live without debt and the problems that go with it.

alan jenksAlan Jenks BSc DC is a Chiropractor who has spent all of his life in debt. The more the banks could give the more he would take. He was kind of like the Robin Hood of debt, but the only one he was hurting was himself. He took from the rich and gave back to the rich, with interest! Luckily for Alan he recognized that this financial formula would never create financial freedom. After 3 or 4 years of paying off his loans faithfully, Dr. Jenks is now in a positive payoff mode using a lot of the techniques in the book. The good news for Alan was that he didn’t have to drastically change his lifestyle to see his financial future change. He took charge of the situation, acquired new skills and a wealth building mindset. The result was the steady reduction in debts and the healthy growth of assets. The new skills and the ability to focus his energies led Alan to becoming an award winning speaker, facilitator, author and successful businessman.

Larry Arrance is an author, facilitator and personal success coach. For many years Larry would have been the person buying a getting out of debt book not writing one. At a low point in his life he even had to admit failure in debt management and declare bankruptcy. Despite a thirteen-year career helping people turn their lives around and creating success for others he still struggled with his debt load. It wasn’t until meeting Ward Willison and coming to the conclusion that being in debt wasn’t hereditary that Larry was able to turn his financial boat around. The strategies in this book were learned while battling in the trenches of humungous credit card debt, challenging mortgage and car payments and mounting inflation and taxation.